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Discover stunning Moissanite engagement rings, expertly crafted with the highest quality materials for a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional diamond rings.

A Better Alternative to Diamond

Discover the beauty and brilliance of Moissanite, a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional Diamond jewelry. Our Moissanite engagement rings and jewelry offer the same sparkle and elegance as Diamond, but with greater affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness. Learn more about why Moissanite is the smart choice for conscious consumers.

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Dazzling Stud Earrings

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Design Your Dream Ring

Personalize your engagement ring with our easy-to-use online form. From selecting the perfect stone to choosing the right metal, every detail of your ring will be tailored to your unique preferences. Our expert jewelers will work with you every step of the way to create a ring as special as your love. Start designing your dream ring today

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Find Your Ideal Moissanite Gemstone

Discover the perfect Moissanite stone for your dream piece of jewelry. Our loose stone collection features a variety of shapes and sizes, each one expertly crafted with the highest quality materials. With our wide selection, you're sure to find the ideal stone to create your own unique and stunning piece.

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Our CEO's Love Story

As the founder of Imperye, Jeff Reznik has a passion for creating beautiful and meaningful rings that capture the essence of his clients' love stories. Inspired by his wife's dream ring from Harry Winston, Jeff crafted a stunning engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes their love and commitment. From the design process to the moment of the proposal, Jeff's dedication to perfection is evident in every step. Read on to discover more about Imperye's founder and how his passion for creating meaningful jewelry has inspired our mission.

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