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Center Stone Shape:        pear

Center Stone Weight:       3 carat

Total Carat Weight:           3.2 carat

Stone Quality:                    VVS

Metal Type:                       White Gold

GemStone:                        Moissanite

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The diamond industry has been hiding this for years.

Why moissanite?

Our eco-friendly, responsibly sourced Moissanite offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional diamonds, providing affordable luxury without compromising on style or ethics. With its unique color grades and captivating fire, Moissanite creates a mesmerizing spectrum of light, setting our jewelry apart

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We love our planet, and those who live on it.

Conflict-free. Always has, always will be.

Unlike natural mining, which can be tied to regional conflicts, labor abuses, and environmental degradation, the production of moissanite in a controlled laboratory setting ensures a more humane and environmentally responsible process.

For a fraction of the price.

Shines BRIGHTER than a traditional diamond.

Each piece showcases a spectrum of color grades and a remarkable fire that disperses light into a rainbow of hues, creating a mesmerizing effect unique to this gemstone.

Your friends and family will wonder what you do for a living.

Designer inspired. Easily attainable.

The same ring, but made with natural diamonds can cost over 50 times what it costs for moissanite. These cost savings are passed onto you.

Always, and forver.

Built to last a lifetime. And we guarantee it.

At Imperye, we are proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our jewelry. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that every piece you purchase from us is of the highest standard.

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